Diadem Dilemma


Solitary Confinement

Theren, disarmed and minimally, but decently clothed was confined to living quarters where he was questioned by an administrator working for Lord Dagult Neverember. Specifics of the conversation included answering for his actions in the city, the silver minted coins used for access and sending messages to both sides of the river, where his loyalties lie, his knowledge of the Crown of Neverwinter, and discerning his true intentions in the city. The Moon Elf was shrewd with his answers, speaking clearly on his actions and intentions. While meandering around the room, he discerned that Lord Casterly, who minted the coins, was being questioned in his own right. Theren made a point to state that Lord Casterly was innocent and not party to his actions in the city, only that he minted the coins used.

The party was in turn questioned about their opinions of Theren. All agreed he was a competent combat tactician but was ultimately distrusted and considered self-serving.

Disenchanting the Diadem

Akarin and Burnie Smolder, who has been granted temporary reprieve to investigate a method to remove the necromantic curse set upon the false crown of Neverwinter by the Thayans. Scouring through the resources at the estate that once belonged to the necromancer Rorgeton Maldace, the two located the particular curse set upon the crown and a possible method of removal. Required for the disenchantment were three components, two of which the necromancer kept on hand, but the third was nowhere on the premesis. Through some investigation, the third ingredient is determined to be located within Neverdeath Cemetary or within the Estate belonging to the Ashmadai cult leader, Mordai Vell.

During this time, Akarin and Burnie both felt a change of nature to the emmanations from the Chasm. Burnie felt his spellscarring start to ich and burn like a rash. Akarin felt an increase in the arcanic pulse, its energy emmissions, as well as perceiving tendrils of magic flaring up from the depths. Though no tremors were felt, both believed it was just a matter of time before the arcane impacted the physical more profoundly.

Assessing the Threats

(Kevin) surveyed the activity at Neverdeath Cemetary and around Castle Never. Some Ashmadai/Mintarn still seem to have a presence at the Cemetary, attempting to dispell the gates and let loose the walking dead. Those gathering around Castle Never appeared to be comprised of Ashmadai cultists, Order of the Black Scarab peons, and Thayan priests, all attempting to break through the magical barrier.

Skirmishes had errupted between Neverember’s loyalists on the bridges and with the Black Lake District defenders. The rumored underground access had not seemed to be utilized or was likewise blocked; however, only the tunnel rats would have any clear knowledge to that fact, and whatever they knew, they weren’t sharing. The local “rat catcher” was missing in any case, so he may have more intell upon his return.

The investigative thief, however, determined that the better target for acquiring the third spell component was Mordai Vell, with the deduction of eliminating the Tiefling as a threat in the process.

Into the Lion’s Den

They lock the false crown in a box and hide it somewhere in the estate, with the other present to guard the estate itself. Meanwhile, (Kevin) observed movement of couriers between the Castle and Mordai Vell’s manor. Having openned access again to the BLD underground from the estate, a new sealable reinforced door.

Akarin, Burnie Smolder, (Kevin), and Adrhi T’Rance, accompanied by four of Neverember’s standard guards disguised themselves as a troupe of couriers and made their way to the manor, proceeding through the roving patrols to finally gain entry to the manor using guile and deceit.

They were greeted in the foyer by a handful of guards, minions, and the cult leader himself, Mordai Vell, who was not swayed by their deception or courier ruse. When the party refrained from truthfully identifying themselves, he ordered them attacked and withdrew to his manor proper. They felled the opposition quickly, but not without some injury.

While organizing a game plan for proceeding further, they did not notice their assassin who slipped away and entered the main chamber beyond. A loud slam, followed by a set of muffled screams that revealed his actions; however, the others were barred by an ornately carved stone slab in front of the door. Two of the guards took to either side of the slab and lifted to allow the others to proceed.

Akarin entered first, followed by Burnie, and lastly by Adrhi. The shardmind located the assassin and went to his aid, being ambushed himself in the process. Burnie shed some light on the situation and set a far section of the chamber ablaze. Adrhi impeded the foes they encountered with his illusions.

Eventually Mordai Vell himself entered the fray, accompanied by devils. He targeted the wizards and posed more troublesome than hoped.

The assassin recovered, only to be downed time and time again. Akarin was repeatedly taken near the point of disassembly. Burnie found himself in over his head on more than one occasion. Adrhi interposed his illusions and sent boons upon his allies, harkening them all toward victory.

Through a deception of his own, the illusionist struck down the cult leader, forcing a minion to attack his master from behind! The victory was short-lived, as the underlings were commanded to fight to the death. The battle was fierce, but in the end, the party emerged victorious, with Burnie exacting the final blast!

They located the spell component required and returned to their claimed estate. They reported to Neverember of the victory but loss of his guards, which did not surprise him. They then set to work dispelling the false crown of Neverwinter.


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