Loose Ends


Oberron, deeply studying the journals and tomes in the library learns of a plot involving the Order of the Black Scarab and an agreement between the Thayans and the Ashmadai cult. Furthermore, he learns of a link to a sect referred to as the “Flesh wearers” that has chilling similarities to the horrors that attacked his home and decimated his people. With this knowledge, he sends his companion and their barbarian guide back to report. When the rest of the party returns, he informs them of what he has learned, and a link to Neverdeath Cemetary.

Having carefully escorted Seldra to the secured former residence of the necromancer Rorgeton Maldace, the party regroups and pools information. Seldra informs the party that the crown was in her possession but was lost when the Rat Pack chased her down in the sewers of the Black Lake District. Furthermore, she reveals that the crown is not the true crown for the True Heir of Neverwinter, as the whole event started as a plot for Lord Dagult Neverember to cause imbalance in the city, and she was masquerading as the True Heir of Neverwinter; in truth, there is no such person known in the city at this time. The crown, however, did originate from the vaults of Castle never and still hold considerable power, but that power has become corrupted by the curse put upon it by the Thayans, to which Burnie Smolder and Theren corroborate the truth of said event.

Theren takes Seldra aside to speak with her privately. Akarin mentally eavesdrops on the conversation. In the meantime, Burnie temporarily departs on a personal errand. (Kevin) keeps watch for any suspicious passersby, which he spies in the form of an uncertain character who appears to be looking for something and frequently referring to a parchment in an effort to confirm his location with regard to that which he seeks.

The Assassin informs Theren, who instructs Akarin to take up position behind the stranger. Conveniently, Burnie Smolder returns and is able to pose as a second to the Sword Mage. The stranger states openly that he is looking for the party and regales a portion of their reputation. The stranger is quickly brought inside the estate and verbally reprimanded for not heeding discretion when out in the open. The stranger introduces himself as the local Rat Catcher, referring to the lycanthropic theives living in the sewers of the Black Lake District, noting that he has a particular vendetta against Rsolk, their one-eyed leader, promising to finish what he started and take his second eye. Additionally, the Rat Catcher reveals himself to be a lycanthrope himself, of kin with the wolf. The party deems him as a not a threat; however, before completing their own introductions, he is escorted to the basement to see the carnage still present and informed that should he be lying or out to dispose of them, well . . . he can use his imagination. Proper introductions follow shortly thereafter, aloing with a tour and assigning lodging.

Burnie Smolder pipes up with some intell he acquired while he was out, specifically that he has a method for tracking the necromancer come morning. Theren takes charge with this knowledge and instructs the others that they are to escort Seldra to the docks in the morning, in order to be shipped out of the city, for her own protection, of course. Burnie Smolder starts to say something but decides otherwise.

The following morning, the pyromancer completes the ritual for tracking the necromancer, which indicates a presence at the Black Lake District docks. Theren perceives this as divine providence, and quickly organizes the others to complete the escort and then hunt down Rorgeton Maldace! En route, the Rat catcher discernes that the party is being followed, doubles back, and engages a rat pack scouting party, slaying three and apprehending a particularly fierce one; however, four manage to escape. The apprehended rat he takes to the local dockside bounty hunter and collects the reward. Seldra is secured on board a ship departing later in the morning, and while finalizing the transaction, the necromancer is spied in the shadows of an alley, engaged in a deal with a street urchin for none other than the crown of Neverwinter!

The party attempts to close in on the Tiefling Witch but are unable to slay her before she escapes through a necromantic portal. Thinking fast, Akarin creates an dimensional vortex to return her to wence she came; however, the energies exhibit an unstable consequence, inverting the vortex to instead gravitate the party to and through the necromancer’s portal. The party experiences disorientation, and when they come to a minute later, they find themselves near the gates of Neverdeath Cemetary, with the Tiefling running off, and the street urchin dying where they came through. Looking around, the party spies several Mintarn mercenaries guarding the cemetary gates, but the assassin and Oberron are wary.

The mercenaries close in on the Tiefling Witch and call for the jaoler living nearby, whom they identify as the half-orc Talvert San Durran. The moment becomes tense when Theren announces that he will take the necromancer to the Lord Protector, giving due credit to the jaoler and the Mintarn for the initial capture. The Warlord even produces an emblem to indicate loyalty to the Lord Protector. The half-orc countering, ordering the Mintarn to apprehend the party. Burnie Smolder interjects, attempting to assuage the tension, but his efforts fall short. The Mintarn are revealed to be Ashmadai cultists, and the assassin is disturbed by this revelation, given that the Ashmadai were encountered during the exchange of Seldra not long prior and piecing together that their actions are tied to events at Neverdeath Cemetary and the Thayans.

Talvert San Durran attempts to sequester Rorgeton Maldace into his domicile, but the assassin tricks the lock, temporarily barring passage. The party engages the cultist mercenaries, and in the process learn that the street urchin who handled the crown had perished but became re-animated to attack the party.

Burnie Smolder covertly tricks the crown out of the necromancer’s possession as she and the jaoler finally manage to escape into the half-orc’s jail house domicile, aided in part with a severe arrow unleashed by Theren at the necromancer. Therein, the Rat Catcher unleashes his inner beastial nature and charges after them. The pyromancer subsequently kills several Ashmadai cultists who were masquerading as Mintarn mercenaries, and due to having the cursed crown at the time of killing them, the dead cultists rise again, declaring their fielty to the Wizard.


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