Burnie Smolder
Rin Teldoret

Previously . . .

An Unexpected Ally

The Dragon having landed, the dark-haired rider dismounts, then looks at the dragon and states flatly, “We’re not in Khan-Sys anymore.”
The dragon then shrinks in size and wraps around the newcomer’s forearm and solidifies to become a dragon-sculpted bracer.
The newcomer then introduced himself to the party, “You may call me Adrhi T’Rance.”
When questioned, Adrhi T’Rance answered that he is a wanderer of worlds, saw a portal open, and having not been to this world before, “stepped” through in curiosity.

Business As Usual

The would-be heroes, including Akarin, Burnie Smolder, Lucavi, and Theren, remained at the NeverNightWatch fort for a time after the aberrant assault, helping to rebuild as best they can. While there, they were inducted as members and each bestowed with a NeverNightWatch basic badge for their valor. Daimôn earned a dagler to his badge, though for some reason the jovial congratulations for survival and promotion feel empty.

Shortly thereafter, Kairon returned to the NeverNightWatch to report to Theren. The Tiefling Warlock informed the Eladrin Warlord that his particular services were requested to handle a matter of some urgency. The duo slipped away in the night, the Sentries on watch stating they were seen heading toward and through a gate at the Wall.

Work on rebuilding the Edge is slow and time-consuming what with the extent of damages during the attack. The tunnels created by the Xors, however, have led to some surprisingly beneficial adjustments to the rebuild and potential future additions to reach the bottom of the Chasm; an exploration team will be organized to map the lower tunnels.

The captured worm has been secured and maintained in hibernation, at least until the NeverNightWatch can determine a use or method to domesticate the aberrant beast.

The party investigates the effects of the Chasm’s Kiss and the reach of the spellscarring upon the landscape.


Rin Teldoret divined with her bardic tools, presenting a forthcoming presence that she believes will specifically affect Burnie Smolder and Lucavi. She first privately meets with the Daimôn, revealing to him that while the brothers and sisters of the NeverNightWatch speak of union with one another, she feels that should he remain, the extent of the union creed may be sorely tested, with him on the receiving end of a hazing experience. Akarin has found more interesting experiences to engage in, learning more about the regions in the Chasm district.

Conferring with the others, the party discussed the portents indicated in Rin Teldoret’s divination. They determined the best course of action was to return to Black Lake District to report to Sage Alduun before proceeding with any further conjecturing.

Burnie convinces Adrhi T’Rance to summon his dragon and provide passage in the night. Casting the illusion of a starry sky, Adrhi follows the guidance to reach a clearing near the Phoenix and Dragon Tavern in the Black Lake District. Unknowingly, they are spied by a Dwarf entering into that very establishment as the dragon lands, the starry sky diminishing and revealing the creature with the dismounting party. The Dwarf is quite impressed when he sees the dragon shrink in size and attach to the arm of the dark haired wizard.

Burnie and Lucavi take the lead, followed by Rin, Daimon, and Adrhi. The party enters the Tavern and soon locate the Sage. While reporting in, Lucavi and Burnie both notice a Dwarf playing too hard at not paying attention, so they excuse themselves to ensure that no attention will be paid in the future, but Burnie is then sequestered by Cook into the kitchen and put to work. In the meantime, Rin annd Sage Alduun discuss matters more privately but still in the public forum.

Returning to the Sage and seer, the Dwarf Thromdur, having wheedled his way into Lucavi’s good graces, the rogue questions Alduun on his familiar behavior towards the seer. Daimon remains nearby and is untrusting of the Sage. Daimon confronts Alduun on the matter but is put in place by the wizened elder.

“Former Man, I know Rin and her family, and where she came from. The truth has been spoken. There are no lies.”

The minotaur suddenly became both silent and sullen, retreating to a corner.

Cloak and Dagger

Burnie returned with a platter of well-cooked food and a steaming pitcher of drink when the front door to the tavern swung open, thudding loudly against the stone framework. Standing in the open entryway were three cloaked figures, holding themselves in the countenance of veteran sellswords. The leader scanned the interior, finally locking his gaze with Lucavi. Burnie quickly ducked behind the minotair in the corner, effectively concealing himself from the sightlines of the newcomers. One of the three headed straight for the bar to order a drink. The well-dressed Dwarf ambled his way to the counter to order himself another round, in the process, visibly not holding his drink as well as he should and bumbling into the newcomer.

“You better watch yourself! I could mop the floor with you from here to the next District!”

The Dwarf apologized, carefully taking hold of his new drink, and stumbled away from the bar, cocking a smile as he adjusted a dagger on his belt.

The other cloaked mercenary checked for others who accompanied Lucavi to the Chasm District.

Lucavi is signalled by the leader, and they take a seat at a quiet corner. Whispers are shared, along with a readjustment of cloaks, during the exchange of which Burnie thinks he notices the passage of a scroll.

The three cloaked men regrouped shortly thereafter and departed without any further word. As they exited, the party saw that they were joined by two more waiting outside just before they head off to the left and down the darkened street.

Seemingly casually, several patrons in the establishment make their way to the streets, each moving in a decidedly congruous manner and with deliberation to follow the mercenaries who exited the establishment.

Rumble in the BLD

Burnie comes out from hiding, with the Minotaur in tow and asks Lucavi about the scroll the hooded tough gave him.

“What scroll? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Then Thromdur sidles up to the trio and suggests following the people who followed the toughs out of the tavern, the thought being to take advantage of the confusion to claim the spoils from both sides.

Daimôn stands tall, imposing his demeanor upon the Dwarf and declared that he didn’t like the plan and didn’t like him very much, either.

Regardless, Thromdur persists, playing off various strengths he perceives in Burnie Smolder, Daimôn and Lucavi, and in the end agreeing to his proposal. They leave the bard with the sage and the wizard to the comforts of the tavern while they ventured forth to ambush the ambushers.

Tracking the groups proved to be easier than expected, what with the sounds of steel upon steel echoing off the ruined walls just one sweeping street down from the tavern. The party stood in the shadows to watch. Each group had doubled in size from five to ten combatants in a short period of time, as other ambushers jumped out at the mercenaries from the shadows and a second squad of mercenaries running into the fray. The mercenaries felled half of their ambushers in short order, losing four of their own in the process. The ambushers then evened the odds.

The party decided it was time to strike. Lucavi set his sights on sweeping around for a sneak attack, darting through a nearby broken house and into the alley beyond. Burnie Smolder targeted two of the closest combatants and set the area ablaze, obscuring sight of them directly with brilliant flames. Daimôn charged through the flames in a bounding leap, to crash his weapon down upon his chosen foe! Thromdur gave boons to his allies, improving their prowess in battle while offsetting the ambushers and mercenaries alike.

In the confusion, the third set of combatants draw no particular untention until the resolution, then Lucavi finished off the very individual who met with him in the tavern, moments later followed by the Minotaur felling the leader of the ambushers. One of the mercenaries was left alive, whom the rogue incapacitated and pulled off the street while the others searched the bodies for useful spoils.

The rogue signalled to the others to flee from the street and join him in the nearby establishment, the House With a Thousand Faces. Burnie remarked on indicators of a strong Harper presence and claimed to be a Harper himself. Lucavi stepped in and stated the Mage is in the initiation process, under his own tutelage.

Pooling Resources

The Harpers and the party discuss recent events and what brought them to their humble establishment.

  • Some reports indicate Neverdeath Cemetery, while other reports indicate possible collusion with Nobles in the Black Lake District. Investigate and eliminate the cell or else provide him with crucial intel to send in a strike force.
  • Strange activity has been detected in Neverdeath Cemetery; however, no one seems to be able to describe that activity in specific details. Additionally, Symbols of a stylized black scarab have been appearing around the Black Lake District, even being drawn outside on doors or windows of certain noble establishments, though this could also indicate someone targeted instead of allied.
  • Black scarab figurines have been found at a few Noble establishments in the Black Lake District, giving more credence to possible collusion. Figurines of this nature have also been found near the wall outside of Neverdeath cemetary. The Thayan connection stems from a symbol on the underside of the figurine that is unmistakably Thayan in origin. Black Lake Nobles believed to be in collusion include Human Candyce Thorne Nasher, Tiefling Warlock Rorgeton Maldace, and Dwarf Xandrum Ironheart.
  • Even more disturbing is the fact that symbols and a couple figurines have been found even in New Neverwinter, which does not bode well for suspicions of collusion with a Thayan cell. These acts, however, could be deliberate to discredit and sow discorde. Suspicions are cast upon former minister of commerce Lord Casterley, former Master-At-Arms Garibaldi, and former Castle Neverwinter Jaoler Talvert San Durran.
  • Suspicions for Candyce Thorne Nasher relate to threats against the Lord Protector to claim the rights to the throne no matter what it takes or which alliances would help to accomplish said goal. Suspicions for Rorgeton Maldace pertain to the rumor that she has dabbled before in necromancy, and such skills are cultivated by Thayans. Suspicions for Xandrum Ironheart relate to deals made with unsavory groups to look the other way and accepting bribes for access to the Black Lake District underground tunnel network. Suspicions for Lord Casterley relate to accepting monetary compensation for use of the port bank to house mysterious objects and access New Neverwinter’s sewer system. Suspicions for Garibaldi relate to falling from grace and taking up the vow of a Dark Paladin or Death Knight. Suspicions for Talvert San Durran relate to his desire to be Master Jaoler for castle never, regardless of who reigns over the city, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make his dream come true; he also has a decent working knowledge of the city’s underground tunnel network and sewer system. The Thayan cell calls itself the Order of the Black Scarab, but its goals and motivations are wholly unknown.
  • A splinter cell of Thay, the Order of the Black Scarab does not report directly to Thayan agents; however, the Order is not working to obstruct Thayan ambitions.
  • The Order of the Black Scarab has set its sights on Castle Never, though the intentions are unclear.


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