An active force of would-be heroes set up at one end of the Chasm in the former Park District. They fight against the aberrations that climb out from the Chasm. Slowly the organization has started building a stairway of sorts into the wall, some carved from the rock and some assembled by wood, mortar and stone collected from the ruins of Neverwinter itself.

The organization is not allied with Lord Neverember, but as yet they are not enemies, either. Neverember has made claims of planning and backing certain of the organizations more heroic accomplishments, which he exploits as a PR tactic to garner more support from the less informed, but so long as his claims do not impede the organization’s efforts, they allow him such trespasses.

The symbol of the watch is derived from a symbol used long ago, during one of Neverwinter’s darkest times, referred to in stories as the Neverwinter Nights. The symbol is a stylized eye and three tears.

Conditions and Maladies

  • Chasm’s Kiss – the feeling of nausea by being overcome by the remnants of spellplague that radiate from the Chasm.
  • Scarscript – spellscarring of architecture and the ground that is not visible until potent aberrants are present; the patterns are more intense and prolific starting with the Chasm and stretching erratically outward, with the current measurable extent as the Triangle Plaza set not far from Neverwinter River.
  • Spellscar – touched by the spellsplague remnants or otherwise imbued with spellplague, organic lightning-like scarring marks the body; those possessing spellscars manifest various capabilities.


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